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IHPA'S Mission
Our mission is to build partnerships that enhance our economic and cultural future through the preservation of Iowa's significant historic resources.

A Story to Tell
Every building has a rich, unique history. From the one-room schoolhouse where your grandfather learned arithmetic on a slate to the locally owned corner drugstore where you shared a delicious strawberry malt on your first date, each structure has a story to tell.

These buildings, whether simple and rural or luxurious and urban, have thousands of stories to share about Iowans. They remind us of where we came from, how we got here, and where we're going. And together, they speak volumes about our values, our character and our future.

The Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance recognizes the value of preserving theses landmarks for future generations both as learning tools and beautiful reminders of our history.

Have a Voice
Too often, members of a community find themselves helpless when architectural and historical sites of local, state and national significance are threatened.

People like you, who would like to see the historical buildings preserved, lack a voice in preserving the historic integrity of our communities.

We at the Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance want to give you the voice and support you need to save these structures. We believe it's time for members of the state to join together to preserve historical buildings and landmarks. Together, we can save the farmstead in the country, the abandoned depot, the old home by the river or the beautiful department store.

How to Help

  • The IHPA, in cooperation with individuals like you and groups of people across the state, have the most impact working together to save buildings in our communities.

  • Combining our contacts and information sources, we are instantly aware when governmental action is taken or laws are discussed affecting historical structures. Therefore, we ensure our position is heard.

  • Through newsletters, bulletins, conferences, special events and advocacy efforts statewide, information is being used to educate the public and private sectors at both the local and state levels.

  • We plan and implement special events to increase awareness for our cause and gains support from members of various communities where buildings are in danger.

  • As one group, we hare ideas about fundraising opportunities, and put members in contact with contractors who specialize in rebuilding sites, making it difficult to argue against restoring an abandoned structure.

  • We are able to share important information about upcoming workshops, which help us become organized and speak with one voice.